Webinar on IEC61850 standard: latest developments by OSMOSE

OSMOSE organises a webinar that introduces the IEC61850 standard on communication protocols in electrical substations, and the latest related developments performed in the project.

The IEC61850 is an international standard defining rules and guidelines for substation protection and automation system communication, configuration and testing, supported by a datamodel and a configuration language. It provides an engineering process to allow efficient device configuration. OSMOSE provides and demonstrates the required extensions for engineering process extensions to support an efficient top-down end-to-end engineering process from concept and specification to configuration. The project also provides recommendations for IEC61850 WG10 in order to integrate the projects developments into a future release of the standard.

During the webinar, the interoperability needs and issues will be presented, as well as the IEC61850 scope and structure, its applications fields, and complementarity with other standards. The webinar will conclude on the ongoing developments within the OSMOSE project for the standard’s implementation (subject of a second webinar).

The webinar will be hosted by ISGAN Academy: Registration link


Yves Marie is Research engineer at INES (National Institute of Solar Energy) within the Smart Grid Laboratory for CEA Liten. He is leader of the Work Package „Scaling up and replication“ within the OSMOSE Project.

Christoph Brunner is the president and owner of it4power. His major areas of expertise cover Utility automation systems from control centers down to the switchgear based on the experience with the development of systems for the communication between control centers and substations and System architectures for substation automation. One core competence is data communication for utility automation. He is involved in the work on the standards series IEC 61850 since the beginning in 1994 until now. He is member of IEEE PES-PSRC and member in several working groups of IEEE.

Thomas Sterckx is an IEC 61850 expert at the Expertise Secondary Systems department. His domain of expertise are high voltage secondary systems protection and automation systems; Engineering tools and processes, and the IEC61850 standard. He is a TC57 WG10 and Cigré B5.68 member.

Camille is application Expert for IEC 61850 System Interface at Schneider Electric. He is convenor at CIGRE B5 WG5.68 (Optimisation of the IEC 61850 PACS engineering process and tools); and editor of parts 6 and 7-7 of IEC TC57 WG10 – IEC 61850.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406