OSMOSE is preparing the necessary flexibilities for the electricity system of tomorrow

The integration of a rapidly growing share of non-dispatchable Renewable Energy Sources (RES) like wind and solar into the traditional electricity system will require a significantly increased level of (system) flexibility.

Launch of the Osmose project

The Osmose project is a H2020 EU founded project answering the call for a ’Demonstration of system integration with smart transmission grid and storage technologies with increasing share of renewables’.
The project aims for the development of flexibilities which can be used for a better integration of RES. The approach chosen is global as it considers at the same time, the increased need of flexibilities in the system (mainly improved balance of supply and demand in electricity markets, provision of existing and future system services and allowance of a dynamic control of electricity flows) and the sources of flexibilities (RES, demand-response, grid and new storages). The chosen global approach addresses all system requirements to capture the synergies proposed by the different solutions in order to avoid stand-alone solutions that might be less efficient in terms of overall efficiency. For example a storage operator plans to install batteries in order to provide balancing services. By locating his solution in a network-constrained area, he could contribute at the same time to the management of congestion and by this reduce the costs for the society too.


Key figures of Osmose

28 million € 33 partners from 9 countries An equivalent of 60 people full time A 4 years project (2018-2021)

The consortium is led by RTE and is composed of 33 partners


Recent news

  • Deliverables availables

    Deliverables availables

    The following deliverables are now available on this website: D1.1 European Long-Term Scenarios Description D1.2 Flexibility cost and operational data outlook D2.1 Methodology for error forecasts at European scale D2.2 Candidate market mechanisms and …Read more
  • Joint meeting with EU funded project

    Joint meeting with EU funded project

    The Osmose project is not the only transmission project financed by the EU to propose flexibility of the electricity system. End of March the EU organized a joint meeting with …Read more
  • Interview of Luca Orrù

    Interview of Luca Orrù

    Luca Orrù, Demonstration leader within the OSMOSE project and Innovation Manager in TERNA Spa., accepted to answer our question about flexibility and the future for EU Grid.     Do …Read more

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406