The recording of OSMOSE-EU-SysFlex webinar on High-RES scenarios is now available

The recording of OSMOSE-EU-SysFlex webinar on High-RES scenarios, held on 15 June 2021, is available further below.

Webinar context: In scenarios with high Renewable Energy Sources, ensuring a cost-effective adequacy between generation and demand and a stable power system will become challenging. In this webinar, the OSMOSE and EU-SysFlex Projects present the scenarios they have considered and the key challenges identified. First, OSMOSE presents its new methods to define cost-effective mix of flexibilities and preliminary results. EU-SysFlex completes this vision by highlighting long-term scarcities on adequacy and on frequency stability in their own scenarios. Finally, the two projects present their demonstrators providing new frequency and stability services.


  • Introduction of the webinar and both projects: Marie-Ann Evans (EDF), Nathalie Grisey (RTE)
  • Topic 1: Long-term scenarios and adequacy challenges
    OSMOSE: Optimal mix of flexibilities: Jens Weibezahn (TUB)
    EU-SysFlex: Scenarios: Caroline Bono (EDF)
  • Topic 2: Frequency and stability challenges
    EU-SysFlex: Analysis of scarcities: Sheila Nolan (EirGrid)
    OSMOSE: Grid forming to ensure stability: Carmen Cardozo (RTE)
  • Topic 3: Demonstrations of new flexibility providers
    EU-SysFlex: VPP, provision of FCR by wind farms: Miguel Marques (EDP)
    OSMOSE: Provision of frequency and voltage regulation by wind farms: Alessio Siviero (Terna)
  • Q&A session moderated by John Lowry (EirGrid)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406