Multi-services by coordinated grid devices, large demand response and RES (WP5), OSMOSE General Assembly, Dec. 2019
Presentations, WP5 11 May 2020 Download
Milan Powertech presentation – TERNA 24/06/2019
overview of the Italian pilot increasing flexibility through enhanced coordination of grid devices, large demand-response and RES generation Luca Orrù, Leonardo Zeni Strategy, Development & Dispatching-System Strategy–Innovation Factory
Presentations, WP5 17 September 2019 Download
Presentation at ENTSOE-RDIC; WP5; 29/01/2019
Presentations, WP5 17 September 2019 Download
OSMOSE WP5 results Webinar, 2019 September the 4th
- Description of the demo components and specifications of the flexibility services - Specifications for line Dynamic Thermal Rating, in particular innovative DTR with a distributed computing framework - Specifications for a Zonal Energy Management System and for Aggregators EMS - Assessment of the flexibility of large industrial loads - Review of RES and load forecasting methods
Presentations, WP5 5 September 2019 Download
Poster: Identification, development & demonstration of innovative grid services to be provided through the aggregation of RES, RES+BESS and industrial loads to enable the Energy Transition toward a higher share of renewables
Presentations, WP5 22 October 2018 Download
    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406