Market Design and Regulation, OSMOSE General Assembly, Dec. 2019
Presentations, WP2 23 March 2020 Download
WP3 last challenges before implementation, OSMOSE General Assembly, December 2019
Presentations, WP3 9 March 2020 Download
Presentations, WP7 6 March 2020 Download
anyMod : a Framework for Energy system modelling with high levels of renewables and sector integration
Presentations, WP1 6 March 2020 Download
OSMOSE – Project summary – September 2019
Presentations 2 December 2019 Download
Milan Powertech Presentation – RTE 24/06/2019
Introduction to the OSMOSE project by Nathalie Grisey, RTE, Coordinator
Presentations 17 September 2019 Download
Milan Powertech presentation – HSE 24/06/2019
WP6: Near real time cross border energy market Presentation by Miran Kavrečič, HSE
Presentations, WP6 17 September 2019 Download
Milan Powertech presentation – TERNA 24/06/2019
overview of the Italian pilot increasing flexibility through enhanced coordination of grid devices, large demand-response and RES generation Luca Orrù, Leonardo Zeni Strategy, Development & Dispatching-System Strategy–Innovation Factory
Presentations, WP5 17 September 2019 Download
Presentation at the CEEM conference the 16/04/2019
Presentation of the Osmose project by RTE
Presentations, WP1, WP2 6 March 2020 Download
Webinar WP2 results the 28/02/2019
Presentations, WP2 17 September 2019 Download
Presentation at ENTSOE-RDIC; WP5; 29/01/2019
Presentations, WP5 17 September 2019 Download
Presentation at ENTSOE-RDIC; WP6; 29/01/2019
Presentations, WP6 17 September 2019 Download
OSMOSE project presentation at Innogrid2019; May 2019
Nathalie Grisey, the Osmose project coordinator presents an overview of the OSMOSE project during Innogrid 2019 conference.
1.0 Presentations 17 September 2019 Download
Data driven approach for SOH estimation and alarm generation for complex on-grid energy storage systems
Presentation for the EU PVSEC 2019 in Marseille (France)
1.0 Presentations, WP7 11 September 2019 Download
OSMOSE WP5 results Webinar, 2019 September the 4th
- Description of the demo components and specifications of the flexibility services - Specifications for line Dynamic Thermal Rating, in particular innovative DTR with a distributed computing framework - Specifications for a Zonal Energy Management System and for Aggregators EMS - Assessment of the flexibility of large industrial loads - Review of RES and load forecasting methods
Presentations, WP5 5 September 2019 Download
Update TF 7.1 Interoperability
Presentations, WP7 29 October 2018 Download
ELES project presentation
Presentations, WP6 29 October 2018 Download
Poster: Identification, development & demonstration of innovative grid services to be provided through the aggregation of RES, RES+BESS and industrial loads to enable the Energy Transition toward a higher share of renewables
Presentations, WP5 22 October 2018 Download
Dispatch and Primary Frequency Control with Distributed Electrochemical Storage Systems: a System-wise Validation via Real- Time Simulation
Presentations, WP7 22 October 2018 Download
    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406