Update TF 7.1 Interoperability
Presentation at the IEC61850 Global, October the 18th 2018, Berlin, Germany by Christoph BRUNNER (it4power) and Grégory Huon (Elia)
Presentations, WP7 29 October 2018
ELES project presentation
Presentation during the expert consultation organised by ELES on the 20 th of september, Ljubljana
Presentations, WP6 29 October 2018
Poster: Identification, development & demonstration of innovative grid services to be provided through the aggregation of RES, RES+BESS and industrial loads to enable the Energy Transition toward a higher share of renewables
Presentation of the workpackage 5 of the OSMOSE project and of ENEL involvement within the project italian demonstration.
Presentations, WP5 22 October 2018
Dispatch and Primary Frequency Control with Distributed Electrochemical Storage Systems: a System-wise Validation via Real- Time Simulation
Presentation by Fabrizio Sossan and Mario Paolone Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory, EPFL, CH PES GM 2018, August 2018, Portland, OR
Presentations, WP7 22 October 2018
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