REE was the first company in the world to specialize exclusively in the transmission of electricity and the operation of electricity systems.
The Company has been in charge of the Spanish transmission grid and operation of the electricity system. It anticipated recent international trends leading to the separation of such activities and showed that transmission is an independent activity, separate from generation and distribution. In its capacity as the System Operator, REE is responsible for the security of supply in a power system (Spanish mainland) with more than 40,000 MW of RES gen. capacity (Wind 22,213 MW), representing 48% of the total installed capacity. It guarantees the quality of supply at any place and at any time by providing the market system with the level of safety and liquidity it needs.
The efforts aimed at developing the transmission grid, besides the quality and efficiency improvements, have been for REE an operational priority over the years. In the recent years REE has characterized by its strong commitment as well as innovative efforts to cope with the new challenges arising from the increase of renewable energies penetration and electricity demand growth. As proof of this commitment REE set up in operation the bipolar HVDC link ±250 kV, 400 MW, 237 km and maximum depth of 1,485 metres, between Morvedre (Mainland) and Santa Ponsa (Balearic Islands) and is involved, jointly with RTE, in the world largest VSC link under construction, the new electrical interconnection line between France and Spain, two links 1,000 MW and ±320 KV each one.

Leader of the WP 4. Specification of functionalities, development of a master control for coordination of flexibility solutions, adaptation of the electrical substation for the installation of the demonstration and operation of the demonstration and simulations and real operation evaluation.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406