Ingeteam Power Technology is a company specialized in power electronics, control of power systems, and electrical engineering. Develops its products in the power generation & distribution, industry, marine, and rail traction sectors always seeking to optimize energy consumption and to maximize generating efficiency. The company operates throughout the world, employing 3,500 persons. The 11% of Ingeteam personnel is dedicated to R&D and each year we invest more than 7% of turnover in this activity. The importance given to technology and innovation is clearly demonstrated by the existence of a Functional Area for Technology Development, paying ongoing attention to all technological innovations that could be of interest, and to channelling and coordinating them to successfully implement new technology.


WP 3: Grid forming for the synchronisation of large power systems by multiservice hybrid storage
Ingeteam will cooperate with the other partners in developing the following sub-tasks

  • Studying of multi-service control algorithms.
  • Proof-of-concept by simulations.
  • Definition of the test protocol and of the performance metrics for the RingoLab demonstration.
  • Preparation / running of the demonstration.
  • Adjustments of the specifications based on the results of task.
  • Results: multi-service synergy and impact on sizing.

WP 7: interoperability
Ingeteam will cooperate with the other partners in developing the sub-task

  • End-to-end demonstration of IEC61850 specification and implementation.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406