HSE Group is Slovenian power generation incumbent and major electro-energy organization, a vertically integrated power producer, trader and supplier to specific large industrial consumers. It owns, through its subsidiaries, hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants and a coal mine, united into one brand – the HSE Group. Majority of domestic electric energy is produced from several different primary sources, guided by the principles of safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly supply to our customers. Beside the production of electric and thermal energy, we are also involved in the mining of lignite, sales and trading of electric and thermal energy, in futures and forward contracts for electric energy, CO2 emission allowances, in certificates of origin and other certificates of electric energy from renewable sources. HSE Group has been an operator of system reserve and strategic production company for assurance of system services which are necessary for the operation of the electro energetic power grid in Slovenia, and in the management and realization of energy projects.

Since its foundation, HSE has been the driving force for Slovenia’s development within power industry, through large scale investments, market opening and an important market participant within largest European markets.

Beside the Slovenian market, HSE is also active in foreign markets of electrical energy. Our companies, branch and representative offices are located in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and the Czech Republic. We are a member of the German Power Exchange EPEX Spot, Austrian Exchange EXAA, French Exchange POWERNEXT, Italian Exchange IPEX, Czech Exchange OTE, Prague Exchange PXE, Hungarian Exchange HUPX, Romanian Exchange OPCOM, Regional Power Exchange Southpool and SEEPEX(Slovenia and Serbia), Slovakia Exchange OKTE, Croatian Exchange CROPEX, Bulgarian Exchange IBEX, Spanish Exchange OMIE and LAGIE (Mandatory Pool). Other markets are carefully monitored and options considered.

With a diversified business network and activities companies within HSE Group we provide a quantitative growth in geographical expansion of business, development and strengthening reputation of companies within HSE Group that manage or participate in projects throughout Europe.

During the project HSE will deliver maximum effort to fulfill the project goal. The company will be actively involved in :

  • proposing the solutions based on long-term experience of operation using its know-how,
  • providing high-level solutions using its ordinary tools and platforms,
  • coordinating activities and/or solutions to be in line with specifications and goals, including but not limited to any parties contributing or being affected by these efforts in the project (demos),
  • helping and consulting other parties in the project with the implementation of their tasks.

By the end of the project the company will be highly incorporated with the analysis and realization of the demos, especially when calculating the KPI.

All work will be done in-house. HSE has decided to commit to this projects seasonal employees with decades of experience in operating power plants, joint and project development and/or managements, market design and solving complex industry operational and optimization problems.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406