ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. is the head company of the ENGINEERING Group. Engineering was founded in 1980, and it is currently the first IT group in Italy, among the top 10 IT groups in Europe, 8,500 employees and 50 branch offices in Italy and abroad, with an established presence in Belgium, Norway, Republic of Serbia, Latin America and USA.

Engineering operates through in the following business units: Finance, Central Government, Local Government and Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Industry and Telecoms, delivering innovative IT solutions to main vertical markets: Aerospace, Insurance, Automotive, Banks, Consumer Products, Defence and Aerospace, Energy & Utilities, Training, Central & Local Government, Homeland Security, Life Science, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transports, Welfare.

Engineering believes in research and in the need to transform the potential of information technology into growth opportunities for its own clients through innovation, in a continuous alignment with the evolution of technologies, processes and business models.

Engineering holds different responsibilities within the international research community, including technical and overall co-ordination of large research projects and consortia. In particular, the company is core partner of EIT ICT Labs in Italy (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) focused on leveraging ICT for Quality of Life; member of the Board of EOS (European Organisation for Security); core partner of NESSI (Networked European Software and Service Initiative); founding partner of the Future Internet PPP initiative and one of the member of the FIWARE Foundation. Engineering is an active member of most international open source communities and founder of SpagoWorld, a free/open source initiative managed by Engineering. The company is corporate member of OW2 Consortium and Eclipse Foundation.

Engineering’s organization includes a specific division dedicated to the Energy & Utilities market. Its experience has been built up in over 30 years of industry practice and can count on the expertise of 950 professional (that are fully dedicated to provide solutions to more than 160 clients) and have developed a level of market know-how that has made Engineering the leading reference for Italian clients (70% of total Italian electricity clients, 72% of total Italian gas retail clients, 23% of total Italian gas distribution meters, 41% of total Italian water meters ).


Engineering will take part of the analysis (Sub-task 5.1.4) and implementation (Sub-task 5.3.3) of the advanced features necessary for dynamically managing the transmission grid; we will contribute to the general specification and planning of the TERNA’s Demo (Sub-task 5.1.5), to the specification and design planning of local EMS (Sub-task 5.2.3) and to the EMS implementation (Sub-task 5.4.3). ENG will also contribute to the specification of the central EMS. ENG will contribute Sub-task 5.2.4 concerning the analysis and planning of the cyber security of the EMS platform. Another important contribution of ENG is WP5 is on real-time demo execution as well as on ex-post scalability and interoperability analysis. In WP6 ENG will contribute to tasks 6.1 (Market design and specifications) especially for what concerns the Energy management platform (Sub-task 6.1.3), 6.3 (implementation of the Frequency-Energy dispatching market platform), 6.4 (implementation of Energy management platform), 6.5 (Use case and KPIs refinement and Demonstration tests design), 6.6 (demonstration tests). ENG will lead task 6.7 about impact analysis and exploitation.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406