Compendia s.r.l. is an innovative energy service provider and an energy service company (ESCo) certified pursuant to UNI CEI 11352.

Compendia offers a full range of energy services from technical services (compliance with rules and regulations in the energy sector, energy audits as from UNI CEI EN 16247, measurement of energy consumption and efficient use by means of fixed or temporary instrumentation, energy management systems) to commercial services (energy management, support in energy negotiation, energy efficiency certificates/white certificates management).

Compendia was established in January 2015 by its three shareholders: 40% Tecnologie d’Impresa group (leader in technical services in the field of environmental, health and safety compliance, around c.250 employees, c.20 m€ turnover,,), 40% Mover Investimenti (holding company with focus on and deep knowledge of the energy sector and innovative technology), 20% Coimel Energia (company active in the field of electrical works and renewable plants).

Compendia is engaged in managing, and further developing, energy performance contracts which provide for a direct investment of Compendia in energy efficiency equipments and plants at its clients sites and premises, being Compendia’s investment repaid by the client by way of the sharing of efficiency gains.

Compendia is offering value-added services to exploit flexibility embedded in its clients production process, product and building and is a forerunner on demand response issue in Italy.

Compendia is also offering an open innovation service on the basis of which clients can be introduced, get access to and eventually invest in start-ups developing energy innovative services, applications or devices of interest for the strategic development of client’s activity.

Compendia has amongst its employees some Experts in Energy Management (or EGE “Esperti in Gestione dell’Energia”, in Italian) certified pursuant UNI CEI 11339. Compendia has a share capital of 100.000 € and had a turnover of c.300.000 € in its first year of activity (2015) with a net profit of c.20.000 €. Compendia has adopted a Code of Ethics which is published on Compendia’s web-site and an Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree N. 231/2001” (on liability of legal persons).


Compendia will contribute to the following WP5 tasks in relation to the aggregator’s role:
Task 5.1: Demo hardware and services planning and specification
Task 5.2: Demo software planning and specification
Task 5.3: Demophysical implementation
Task 5.4: Energy Management System implementation
Task 5.5: Demo execution, feedback analysis and reporting
Task 5.6: Ex-post market, regulatory and scalability-interoperability analysis

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773406